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 Expressive abstract and impressionistic artist, living and working in Wiltshire, UK. 

"Rhapsody in Red"
"Rhapsody in Red"
"Symphony in Blue"
"Symphony in Blue"
"A Brighter Mood"
"A Brighter Mood"

A bit about me....

           I am a self styled artist, who lives in rural Wiltshire with my husband and our cat. I grew up in a village on the edge of the Salisbury plain, being influenced by the landscape and the natural things around me. I have been painting and drawing for some time, gaining experience and confidence over the years.  Learning a variety of techniques and gaining wisdom from many artists.

             For that I am truly thankful.


            As a child I was not typical; I didn't really fit in, but I didn't stand out either. My teachers at school only seemed to notice me if I did something wrong; except when I painted.  For some reason unknown to me, when I painted, they would notice me.............. for something good.


           I want people to notice the beauty that is around them; the landscape, nature, everyday objects, each other and this beautiful planet; our home.


           I believe that an awareness of beauty is the first step to caring for this world, and everything in it. I believe if we can connect to beauty, notice it, see it; then we can make it real, make it a better place for all beings.



        I love to paint abstract and impressionistic landscapes, because I want to give people an emotionally moving experience; I love the feeling that I get when I'm out walking and I  turn a corner or go somewhere that has a breathtaking view; or when I go to an exhibition and see a painting that is so beautiful, I just want to cry. I want you to feel that too.

     I want to connect people to their surroundings, or the ones they wish they had, through my paintings. 


          I work in various mediums, watercolour,  acrylic, oil and mixed media or whatever helps me to explore the subject.  For me, art is the one of the truest forms of non-verbal communication, a means of expressing joy.


                      From my heart to yours,

Nancie xox

Art connecting beauty to life.

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" Art is born of the observation & investigation of nature. "   Cicero.