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This is a little video that I took , to give a better view of the painting "Hatterrall Hill"; it's painted on a handmade ply cradled board, using a combination of collagé, acrylic paint and ink, for the collagé, I use a variety of found papers printed material, maps and sheet  music; I often wipe paint away so that some of these elements are revealed.

Out sketching in Dorset.   (photo by Carole Sanders)
Out sketching in Dorset. (photo by Carole Sanders)

One of the things I love to do,  is to sit out in the countryside and sketch..... usually with watercolours. To be out in nature is where I feel most inspired......... 

Out sketching at Fonthill Lake, one of my favourite places, near where I live. October 2018

Perhaps, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook; you may have seen my  " 7 Days of Daily Sketching..."

Where, every Sunday I post my weeks worth of sketches; my daily sketching practice..........

I love to inspire, I love to create